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     I am currently the Children’s Ballet Mistress for the Boston Ballet, and full time faculty for the Boston Ballet School. Both organizations are widely recognized as being a top destination for students and professional dancers. In my current capacity I have worked with hundreds of aspiring dancers and professionals. I have coached and staged productions for the professional company and school, drawing on my 20 plus years as a professional dancer, teacher and coach. I prepare students for professional careers, and have the knowledge to recognize which dancers have the potential of being productive members of a professional dance company. Former students have found employment in many ballet companies including Boston Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet and Miami City Ballet.

     This past January I had the pleasure of auditioning  students interested in attending Boston Ballet School’s five week Summer Dance Program. In Charlotte, North Carolina, I auditioned over 200 students and was particularly struck by three of them. These three students stood out, at the barre, for their solid placement and clean footwork. The carriage of their upper bodies was well executed, making for a beautiful package. More importantly, when these students performed their center work they brought all the barre knowledge with them. I often see students who are capable at the barre, but unable to translate their movements to their center work. Clearly these three had excellent training.  I immediately accepted them to our program and wrote a note encouraging these girls to audition for Boston Ballet School’s prestigious pre-professional program when they are old enough. I was later to find out that all three of these girls are students at Southeastern School of Ballet in Columbia, South Carolina.

     Gabor and Hillary clearly know how to train students to be successful in the world of ballet. It is rare to accept all the students sent from one studio. I am extremely impressed with the quality of their students’ work and would highly recommend Southeastern School of Ballet as a training ground for any serious ballet student in the region.



Children's Ballet Mistress

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