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Our daughter Maria is beginning her second year at your school and she absolutely loves it. The atmosphere in the school is very welcoming and it makes my daughter feel confident and she is able to do her best because she's not pressured that there is competition. Her teachers work very hard with every individual student, and they make sure that the whole class does their best. We think that we are very lucky to find such a great school. Thank you for providing my daughter such great experiences.


When my daughter joined Southeastern School of Ballet during the Summer Intensive, the staff reached out to her, constantly encouraging and assuring her that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.  In three short weeks, the transformation is amazing. She now wants to work hard, exercise, and is conscious of healthy nutrition.  Her confidence, self-esteem, and mindset have been lifted.  Each teacher presents a unique and different experience, fortifying students, with an emphasis on proper technique, strength, and discipline.  If you are looking for true professionals, who will inspire and polish your dancer, this school is for you.

 - Paula Kurt, Parent​

For the maintenance of my general health and mental stability, there is nothing like ballet with Hillary and Gabor at Southeastern School of Ballet.  I began my ballet training at the age of 45, and within months, I had lost over 25 pounds.  Friends and colleagues have noticed the drastic changes in my body shape and weight, and I am happier and more focused than I have been in years.  Of all the exercise programs—aerobics, tennis, swimming, and running—that I have tried in the past, nothing has given me more results and satisfaction than ballet.


From the beginning, the faculty has worked very closely with me to create a program that helps me in reaching my health goals and promote my artistic and athletic abilities.  They are professionals who take the well-being of their students very seriously.  Every single class is different and provides the necessary physical and mental stimulation that keeps me coming back for more. Ballet training is contagious because the more I work the more changes I see.  I am standing taller; I see and feel the strength in my body.  I am rewarded for my training, and I just want to train more.  Hillary and Gabor have taught me things about my body and myself that I never knew.  I am better because of ballet.  I love it; I love it; I love it. Get thyself to the dance studio, now.


Since Ana started at Southeastern School of Ballet, more than 4 years ago, I have been more than pleased with her growth. Not only has she become more responsible and developed discipline in other areas of her life, such as academics, but she has become quite a ballet enthusiast. Her teachers, Mr. Gabor and Mrs. Hillary, besides their clear accomplishments in their chosen art, are also clearly fantastic teachers. Southeastern School of Ballet is a great school and a wonderful opportunity for my daughter Ana!

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