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The Southeastern School of Ballet /SSB/ is excited to announce the opening of its additional campus at

M Garden, 3506 Bush River Rd, Columbia, SC 29210. This establishment will offer training opportunities for individuals of varying ages and skill levels. Classes will be scheduled for the morning and lunchtime, ensuring convenience for those who live or work in the Columbia metropolitan area. Below are the class descriptions.


Stretch & Conditioning / Pilates

The class is open to students of all ages, but the primary focus is on the needs of seniors. Many health benefits can be gained in this program, such as moderate cardiovascular exercise that contributes to heart health, along with endurance, flexibility, mobility and balance.  The class also offers an opportunity to socialize with other seniors to improve quality of life. In summary, the goal for this program is to provide the community with bold and innovative programs that promote opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle and participate in moderate physical activity.

Class Time: Tuesday / Thursday from 10:30 - 11:30 am

Payment: $25 /class or $120 /month with unlimited access to SSB classes at M Garden


Adult Beginner Ballet

This class is designed for individuals aspiring to dance and seeking to acquire a solid foundation in the art of Classical Ballet. Training methods include Vaganova and French Techniques.  No previous dance experience is required.

Class Time: Tuesday / Thursday from 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Payment: $25 /class or $120 /month with unlimited access to SSB classes at M Garden

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